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Low cost high performance

PolyKing® is a highly durable, economical and effective option for insulating under your floor. It’s been designed and manufactured in New Zealand for New Zealand, as an affordable way to keep your floor warm while saving energy for the lifetime of your home ~ guaranteed for 50 years.

PolyKing® is 100% polyester fibre, free of toxins or added chemicals, so you can keep things healthy in your home. It’s also eco friendly, using polyester made mostly from recycled PET plastic bottles, so you can help keep the environment healthy too!

PolyKing® is designed to be stapled between floor joists in old or new houses to meet the requirements of the New Zealand building code.

The Underfloor Insulation that comes out on top!


Polyester fibre is a stable and durable material that holds it’s shape over time, so importantly, your insulation will not slump and loose effectiveness. It’s also highly resistant to moisture damage. We back all that with a 50 year guarantee.



PolyKing® is easy to install, coming in small bales designed to fit through manholes and under floors with a range of widths to suit regular joist spacing’s.

It can be easily ripped to length or cut around irregularities.


We use mostly recycled polyester fibre made from recycled PET bottles to make our insulation, so you’re helping keep plastic out of the environment.

PolyKing® is also 100% recyclable and it’s made right here in New Zealand.


Because it is made from 100% pure polyester, gently melted to bond the fibres together, PolyKing® does not contain any toxic chemical binders such as phenolic resin (that contains formaldehyde) commonly used in other insulation products.Polyester, like your clothing, is nontoxic, nonirritating, non-allergenic and safe for anyone coming into contact with it.

PolyKing® has no nasty chemicals added to worry about and no microscopic fibres to irritate or be inhaled.


Our underfloor insulation is the only laminated underfloor insulation option in New Zealand. The top layer is a high loft thermal barrier. A dense, semi rigid, laminated bottom layer protects the insulation as it holds it in place and prevents sagging. This also ensures staples don’t tear through and reduces wind wash. Wind wash is where air movement under a home effectively blows the heat out of the insulation.

PolyKing®is BRANZ tested for your assurance of quality and performance.

Save more under your floor

PolyKing® is your affordable, sensible solution for the underfloor performance you need.

It’s a small investment that pays big returns in savings and benefits all round.

Over 1 million homes in New Zealand have little or no underfloor insulation. Studies show this can have a marked effect on your health - not to mention your comfort and your budget!

Insulating under your home’s floor can make a big difference to retaining the heat in your home, saving on your energy bills. For surprisingly little, you can make your home warmer, drier and healthier by having effective under floor insulation installed.

The cost effective option underlying a warmer, healthier home

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PolyKing® is manufactured by trusted parent company Terra Lana Products, as an economical alternative to the Terra Lana wool insulation range.

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